LASGAT Decries Poor Women’s Representation in Elective Positions


The Lagos State Gender and Advocacy Team (LASGAT), congratulates all candidates who contested and won in the just concluded 2015 general elections. LASGAT particularly congratulate all women who won elections into elective positions nationwide.

We are however  deeply concerned that the outcomes of the 2015 elections has produced less than 10% of women in elective positions nationwide resulting in a marked reversal in women’s representation in elective position compared to past years. This situation no doubt is discouraging and could lead to the further marginalization of women in politics and public life in future.

Nevertheless, LASGAT still believes that the low representation of women in elective positions can be addressed by giving women the opportunity to serve in appointive positions in government.

LASGAT hereby ,calls on the federal and states government to increase the representation of women in appointive positions by ensuring that women occupy  nothing less than 50% of all appointive positions in Nigeria.

LASGAT has a list of qualified women in all spheres of human endeavour who can be appointed to serve the country. LASGAT is ready to work with the Federal and States Government to recommend credible and qualified women for appointive positions.

Meanwhile, we call on all successful candidates   to leverage on the opportunities provided by their victory at the 2015 polls to pursue requisite measures to mainstream gender equality and promote women’s empowerment in all their undertakings as representatives of the people.

Dr Keziah Awosika                                  Ms Titilope Akosa

Chairperson LASGAT                             Coordinator LASGAT


Just Before You Vote

Today, 28th of march, 2015, Nigerians are going to the polls to elect leaders that will steer the ship of governance for the next four years. The build up to the elections has indicated that this election is a hotly contested election and most Nigerians are eager to vote for the candidate of their choice.  The wave of activism from the Nigerian people to make their votes count has been unequalled in the history of elections in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, all sorts of overtures  have been made to the electorates by the political parties to win their votes but the sad commentary is that mundane things such as  rice, telephone recharge cards, cooking gas, plasma Television , raw cash including foreign currencies have been given to voters to harvest their votes.

The rivalry between the frontline political parties  the All progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been very rife.  The print, electronic and social media spaces has played host to all sorts of  propagandas, gang wars and hate languages purportedly from the supporters of the frontline parties. On  ground, there have been massive violence to the extent that thugs have  been unleashed on the electorates to threaten them to vote for a particular party.

As of this morning there have been text messages purportedly sent out by the leader of   one of the frontline parties directing its supporters to vote for a particular candidate. Text messages have also gone out saying that some candidates have  withdrawn from the race.

Whether we like it or not these activities will have an influence on how the people will vote today. But whatever the propagandas , violence or  money politics, let us all remember that Nigeria belongs to all of us and that the future of Nigeria will be extinguished in that woman or man that allows money politics to determine his or her vote.

Let us be wise and  use our vote to vote out  corruption, insecurity, bad leadership, unemployment and economic regression.

Let us come out en mass and vote for the candidates that can  demonstrate good leadership, integrity and seriousness in repositioning Nigeria to take back its rightful

Nigeria Decides
Nigeria Decides

position in the comity of Nations.

Let us go out and do it right so that we can get it right!




Being the text of a press release by Centre for 21st Century Issues in celebration of the 2015 International Women’s Day

Centre for 21st Century Issues Nigeria celebrates with women all over the world and in particular, Nigerian women on the occasion of the International women’s day (IWD) 2015.

The 2015 IWD is of particular importance to Nigerian women as it is coming at a time when Nigeria is preparing for what many has described as the most hotly  contested election in the history of Nigeria.

Nigerian women are not unaware of the events that have led to the recent postponement of the 2015 general elections. The unprecedented violence which have trailed the build up to the elections, the low representation of women candidates contesting the elections, less commitment to gender equality issues by candidates and parties contesting elections; and the grave impacts of the Boko Haram insurgency which have disproportionately affected Nigerian women and children.

Nigerian women are deeply disturbed by the call for further postponement of the elections, the removal of the INEC chairman and imposition of an illegal interim government on Nigerians by anti-democracy tendencies in the land.  Noting that any attempt to heed this call is capable of jeopardizing the electoral process and may foist constitutional crisis on the nation thus overheating the already tensed political atmosphere.

We are continuously saddened about the Boko haram insurgency and the inability of the federal government to bring back the chibok girls abducted by Boko Haram since April 2014.

Nigerian women therefore call on the federal government to;

  • As a matter of urgency step up efforts to bring back the Chibok girls
  • Ensure may 29th Handover date is sacrosanct
  • Shun any call for interim government and tenure elongation
  • Resist the attempt to remove the INEC chairman before the expiration of his tenure.

Calls on Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) to;

  • Resist any attempt to shift elections dates and ensure that free fair, peaceful and credible elections happen in Nigeria come May 28th and April 11th 2015
  • Ensure that all  Permanent Voters card (PVC) are ready for collection well ahead of the election dates
  • Proceed with the use of the smart card readers to reduce electoral irregularities and rigging.

Calls on Political parties and their candidates to;

  • Make commitments to gender equality and women’s empowerment in their electoral campaigns
  • Respect the tenets of democracy and shun violence and all appearances of violence before, during and after election.
  • Stick to issue based campaign.

Calls on Nigerians to;

  • Conduct themselves peacefully before during and after elections
  • Go out on election days to exercise their inalienable rights to vote for the candidates of their choice
  • Vote for candidates that demonstrate commitments to gender equality and women’s empowerment.
  • Vote for candidates that Commit to 35% affirmative action in appointive positions.
  • Shun money politics


As Nigerian women, we will continue to demand for greater accountability to gender equality and women’s empowerment. We know that there cannot be a haven for women if the political process is intentionally disrupted by the actions or inactions of anti-democratic tendencies, rather women and children stand to suffer the more if the electoral process is truncated. Let us therefore strive to make Nigeria a haven for women by voting for peace, gender equality, free, fair and credible elections.

Happy International women’s day! Longl live Nigeria! God bless women worldwide!

Ms Titilope Akosa

Executive Director ,

Centre for 21st Century Issues

6 Balogun street, Ikeja , Lagos

Information About Continuous Voter Registration Exercise in Lagos State

The Centre for 21st Century Issues (C21st) has issued a detailed information pamphlet on how people in Lagos state can get their Permanent voter’s Card and get registered to vote during the next general elections in Nigeria
The production of the pamphlet is one of the activities of C21st under its register to vote for change project (RV4C) designed to mobilize the Lagos state populace to take part in the 2015 general elections


C21st enjoins all to read and follow the instructions contained in the pamphlet.