Goodwill Message Delivered By Hon. Minister For Women Affairs ( Nigeria) At the 2o17 International Women’s Day celebration Organized By C21st And Gbayi Indigenous Peoples Initiative


  1. It gives me great joy to be part of this important occasion tagged; “The need to give Gbagyi Indigenous women a voice” aimed at creating awareness for the overall wellbeing of Gbagyi indigenous women in Federal Capital Territory. This seminar as the name implies will serve as a facilitating factor by connecting Gbagyi indigenous women and their community to the national and international frameworks for articulating and enlightening them on the need to advocate for their rights as indigenous people of Federal Capital Territory and to maintain and strengthen their own institutions, cultures and traditions.

2.The Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development has the mandate to co-ordinate all activities that are aimed at protecting and promoting the welfare of all Nigerian women by enhancing their abilities to realize their full potentials in various fields of human endeavours.

  1. It is very important to sensitize and build the capacity of FCT indigenous women on the preservation of their indigenous knowledge and how to use it for the benefit of their communities and the future generations, according to the Sustainable Development Goals 11 (SDG 11) on the need to make cities inclusively safe, resilient and sustainable.
  2. It is quite disheartening to note that Gbagyi Indigenous women lack knowledge, capacity, solidarity and a collective sense to organize an initiative in order to manage their resources. Also, they are the voiceless and less dominant in the city due to lack of political and socio-economic participation.
  3. It is my honest deposition to state that my ministry is already involved in the course of providing an enabling environment that can give women a voice in the society.
  4. In this regards, I sincerely want to assure you that the Ministry of Women Affairs will always identify with such laudable project like this to uplift the status of Gbagyi indigenous women and the overall Nigerian woman.
  5. Finally, I wish to appreciate the effort of the organizers of this great event and also the development partners and other stakeholders for your encouragement towards addressing and breaking the long silence of the Gbagyi Indigenous women of the Federal Capital Territory and helping them to be heard.
  6. Thank you all for listening.











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