C21st Participation In International Indigenous Women Forum Training


Ms Della Ilenre, the focal point on  indigenous issues for Centre for 21st century (C21st) participated in the 2016 training on Human Rights and International advocacy conducted by International Indigenous women Forum.  It was a six weeks course divided into two-phase. The first phase was online while the second phase was a face to face meeting which took place in New York.

During the six weeks training Ms Ilenre had the opportunity to learn about the framework of international policy as it relates to International law. She also had  the opportunity to study intensively the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP), the ILO Convention No 169, Convention On the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) and many other international Instruments.

The face to face training which took place at the  Columbia University, New York from 2-13 May 2016 was a big eye-opener, it opened up a platform of indigenous women working  in solidarity for  measurable impacts on the ground. The struggle for the enthronement  and enjoyment of rights of indigenous Peoples and particularly of indigenous women requires strong connections to the global indigenous movement.

The training gives a robust information on how local struggles can influence global struggles and vice versa.  It stimulates the identification of peculiar national issues which have hitherto been neglected and re-directs and sharpens the vision for deeper, result oriented lobbying and advocacy processes.

During the training session in New York, Ms Della participated in the United Nations Permanent forum on Indigenous Issues, a big forum which opened up the space to  meet indigenous rights activists, learn, share experiences and imbibe best practices which is needed to organize and  develop better strategy to meet the target of C21st with respect to indigenous issues.

The training undoubtedly , has set the tone for the take off of c21st indigenous rights advocacy in Nigeria. The support , boldness and capacity instilled in Ms  Della is already  been put into action. She is currently working   with policy makers at the House of Assembly in Nigeria, discussing  strategies on how to bring the voices of indigenous groups and minorities into policy processes , building the capacity of policy makers and indigenous Peoples

leaders on  indigenous rights and advocacy . Ultimately mobilizing support and preparing interventions that will help  preserve indigenous knowledge which is almost going into extinction.


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