World Leaders Welcome Paris Climate Agreement Amidst Rejection by the Civil Society

The opposing reactions of party delegates and civil society to the new Paris climate Agreement reveals a deep divide in their aspirations and visions for the agreement.

It is ironic that while parties are congratulating themselves for a job well done the civil society is greatly disappointed and condemns the   agreement

The civil society’s grouse with the agreement is that it is  lacking in  ambition, weak and unable to protect  the most vulnerable  from the catastrophic impacts of climate change. A climate agreement that exempt developed countries from liability for loss and damage and set the world on a pathway to 3 degrees warming has little or nothing to do with protecting the people and planet.

Earlier in the day, there were various actions throughout Paris  by the civil society and other stakeholders  to demand climate justice in anticipation of the new  agreement but this did not stop the adoption of the agreement. Though some parties admit that the agreement is not perfect but they believe that it is a step forward in the fight to combat climate change.

Beyond the excitement of leaders here tonight, a lot will depend on the actions that will follow the adoption of this agreement in the following years. Whether this less perfect agreement will lead us to  a resilient, sustainable and  renewable future remains doubtful.

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