Media Appearance on Domestic violence

On Monday 3rd of November, the executive Director of Centre for 21st Century Issues, Ms Titilope Akosa was one of the discussant at a television program, on Television Continental, discussing the issue of Domestic violence .
Ms Akosa dwelt extensively on the Domestic Violence Law of Lagos state, 2007 and urge viewers not to treat domestic violence as a family affair. Perpetrators should be reported at the special police unit and the Model police stations established under Adeniji Adele, Ilupeju, Isokoko, Alakara and Panti Police stations in Lagos state.
The designated police stations have trained police officers who will attend to victims in a cordial manner that will ensure that their identity is protected and the perpetrators are accordingly prosecuted in accordance with the Law.


Earlier, on Tuesday 7th October Ms Akosa was on Traffick Radio to raise awareness about domestic violence and the week of action against domestic violence.
Many listeners were skeptical about the response of police and the willingness of victims to report cases of violence.
Many of the listeners who called in on the program were mainly men who wanted to have more information about domestic violence . This is a big irony as majority of perpetrators of domestic violence are men
However this is a good development as it appears that our advocacy is reaching out to men who are important in combating Domestic Violence


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