Big Blind Country: Nigeria @ 54

By Ms Titilope Akosa
My experience working with virtually impaired persons made me understand that blind people may not have physical sight but they have sharp inner sight that helps them to relate as if they have physical sight.
However, this key experience as factual as it is cannot be applied to Nigeria’s degree of blindness.
The wordings of late Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s Unreleased albums where he referred to Nigeria as a big blind country (BBC) years back s is still very true today .To make matters worse the blindness of Nigeria is so incurably bad to the extent that our inner sight that could have made up for our loss of physical sight is also stone dead. This blindness is also compounded by regular and consistent electricity outage which is a recurrent signature event of our generation.
Nigeria remains a failed nation, groping in the dark with no physical, inner or spiritual sight. We continue to wallow in the foolery of corruption, Boko Haram insurgency, political prostitution, kidnaps,abductions, 419, cybercrimes, name it! The list is endless.
Our foremost Nationalists fought for the independence that we are now squandering like the biblical prodigal son, yet our actions still falls below the standard of the biblical prodigal son as it appears that we are not interested in going back to retrace our steps and remedy past historical wrongs rather we are looking for shortcuts.
As a nation we need to tell ourselves the truth. The greatest deceit is self deceit. We need to ask, what have we done to our country? What has our country done to us ? Can we say that the state in which we find ourselves today is the legacy bequeathed to us by our nationalists ? The responsibility to make Nigeria great rest on all of us. It is a mutual accountability process between the government and the governed, it is never one sided.
Can we honestly admit that a government that has allowed over 250 girls to be in the hands of terrorist for over 6 months and who is now making an effort to rescue them after they have been violated and made pregnant is a responsible government ? Or a government that has admitted its involvement in $3.9million money laundering saga is truly interested in making Nigeria great?
On the other hand, as a citizen of Nigeria what have we done to hold the government accountable? Are you one of those involved in corrupt practices ? Are you involved in yahoo yahoo business? Are you operating a baby factory and trafficking in human beings? What are you doing to your country . Can your ignoble acts make Nigeria great?
I will leave us with just two words of wisdom from our late elder statesman Chief Anthony Enahoro to reflect on for our 54th independence Anniversary.
First, no matter how far you have travelled on a wrong road you may need to come back to the starting point to chart the right direction. Second, a man who does not have a destination wherever he finds himself will be his destination.
Let us ponder on these words and retrace our steps. Our nation is important to us ! We are equally important to our nation. Let us examine ourselves and change for the best. I hope these words of wisdom will cure our blindness and empower us as a nation to chart the right course for our nation.
Happy independence! Great people! Great nation!
Titilope Akosa

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