The momentum to galvanize positive actions to address the menace of the impacts of climate change will get to a crescendo today as peoples from all corners of the globe hit the streets in New York City today. Even the secretary General of the United Nations will not be left out as he marches in solidarity with the people.
We at Centre for 21st Century Issues, (C21st) Nigeria also stand in solidarity with the people to demonstrate that the voice of the majority of the peoples on the street far supersedes the voice of the people in governments and corporations.
The damage done already by the impacts of climate change to the poorest and the most marginalized peoples of the world cannot continue to go unmitigated. World Leaders must stand up to their true calling and stop playing games with the future of the people.
The people have a stake in climate change decision making , after all they are the ones on the frontlines of climate change, bearing the heaviest burdens. There is no more room for empty promises at the United Nations climate summit. We demand deep emissions cuts to limit atmospheric temperature to  1.5 degrees celsius and finance to address loss and damages occasioned by the impacts of climate change at the United Nations Summit come 23rd September 2014. This must translate to binding legal agreements at the United Nations Convention on Climate change policy levels.
We would not fold our arms as science has severally demonstrated that temperatures may well be heading towards 5 degrees Celsius, a condition which will destabilize our world.
We are marching today , to ensure the future and health of our planet, to secure our future and the future of generations yet unborn, to say no to corporate take over of climate policy space.
The interest, concerns and voice of the people must prevail! Arise! March On! Let the collective will of the people rule the day!
In solidarity
Ms Titilope Akosa
Executive Director C21st

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