Today, as we celebrate the International Women’s day all over the world, the message i am sending to the world is that women should be appreciated not abused. Gender equality and women’s empowerment is a human right which must be respected by all.
As a young man, reflecting on womanhood on this international women’s day , I realized that from the early stage of creation women have been there for us men. They gave us life by giving birth to us, they nurture us, educate us and support us to reach our potentials.
Why then should we reward them with violence, why should we continue to sexually harass them, rape and unleash terror on them? Women don’t deserve violence rather they deserve love and affection. I imagined how the world will look like without the women? Lonely, boring and uninteresting.
The ideas of cooking, washing, helping, caring and love was made profound by women. Meaning that, men rely on women in at least 70% of their daily activities. We can do without pets, assets, money and properties, but women the most significant creation on earth, we cannot do without.
Today as we celebrate the International Women’s Day worldwide, Men in Nigeria should stop the violence and abuse (emotional, sexual and psychological) against women and girls. Men must STOP destroying the future of our female leaders through sexual harassments. The future of generations of women and girls has been destroyed by men in various societies through rape and other forms of violence.
Imagine a 50 years old married man violating a girl of 5years years! There is need to raise awareness about the menace of violence against women and girls particularly among men and boys. Men and boys must learn to appreciate and respect women and girls and support them to live a safe and violence free life.
I never cease to wander and fathom why men and boys should destroy the women who cared for them, who loved them and are always there for them. When we are depressed women are there to console us. When we are sad they make us happy and above all satisfy our sexual emotion. After all, all men and boys have mothers, sisters and nieces. Men are only strong and successful through the support of women around them.
On this international women’s day i extol the virtues of women. They are bold, brave and hard-working. They play various vital roles on earth till their last breath in taking care of family or household and spending their valuable time teaching and taking care of the children and the environment.
Women are our mothers they need to be cared for and cherished. I celebrate women and girls today; I commit to support gender equality and women’s empowerment by ensuring that I do not violate any girl or woman no matter the situation and circumstances. I will raise awareness among men and boys to change violent behaviours towards women and girls and thus putting an end to violence against women and girls in Nigeria.
I call on men and boys to support and work with me to make Nigeria a haven for women. Happy international women’s day to my mothers, sisters, aunties and nieces. God bless women and girls!
AdeKunle Akinde
Program assistant media and youth development
Centre for 21st Century Issues, Nigeria
BB Pin :2104A52F

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